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Whats New at The Great Library?

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The Great Library is a community of readers, authors, and artists. The Great Library is a free-access platform that allows authors to share their works with readers. Unlike Patreon, The Great Library does not have a subscription or traditional payment system, but uses WEB3 tokens to mediate access to the art, books, games, illustrations, etc. It also curates works to ensure quality and relevancy, which is something that Patreon does not do. Additionally, The Great Library offers tools for authors to interact with their readers, such as chat and voting, as well as providing analytics to help authors better understand their readers. In addition to art and illustrations, The Great Library includes games and other digital products.


What We Offer

For authors we offer more than just Web3 publishing but also ChatGPT power tools for editing your work. For readers we offer more than .epub and audio books but games and smart contract powered books.

Social Animals

Google Doc author tools

Benji is a Google Doc Addon that helps authors such as yourself polish and edit your work so that its ready for publishing.

Charts and Graphs

Web3 publishing

With our author portal mint build class smart contracts for your e-books, hard copies, and special Great Library specific bookmarks.


Web3 powered e-books

Support your favorite author by buying their e-books on our site. We take the smallest cut known to the industry at a default of 5%.

Rocket ship to the moon

Content inspired games

The first game offerings with The Great Library is Dracula by Bram Stoker. Fight the Lord of Night and his foul creatures to earn loot and level your hero.

Built for authors, readers, and gamers by authors, readers, and gamers.

Sometimes it feels that the commercial world has forgotten what creative types like yourself need. From author tools like Benji to novel publishing using Web3 and blockchain technology The Great Library has it.

Web3 Toolkit

support for .epub

Self Promotion Freedom


Our Technologies

Our company is dedicated to using the industry standards in classic web development and Web3 development

Avax, Ava Lab, Avalanche

Avalanche Network is the blockchain our Web3 offering runs on.

react icon

ReactJS is an industry standard for solid website design.

CultureCoin $(CC)

Our cryptocurrency Culture Coin is an ERC22 compatible coin, the first coin who's job it is to grow culture. Check out our ICO for cheap $CC.

Unity Game Development

Unity is a game builder, the only 3D game platform with Web3 support. Our games are built in it.

gpt wrtiting assistant

Bengi is an AI author helper tool that integrates OpenAI's ChatGPT with Google Docs through an addon.

google cloud technology

We are planning integrating Text-to-Speech for authors lacking audio books for their properties.


We use OpenAI for all our other Artificial Intelligence needs.

Solidity Code

All builder class contracts are built on the OpenSea ERC721Tradable solidity contract.

Who We Are

Leveraging his MBA and an unconventional musical past, Jason Palmer's forte lies in his profound understanding of business processes and negotiations. As CEO of The Great Library, he capitalizes on his experience in managing a vast vendor portfolio, ensuring prompt payments and fulfillment of contractual obligations. A firm believer in empowering his team, Jason ensures his experts have the creative liberty to bring their best work to the table.
Jason Palmer, CEO

Jason Palmer,

Collin Brown, the Lead Unity Developer at The Great Library, comes with over 8 years of collective and independent development experience. Having worked on a myriad of games, platforms, and software titles, Collin's skill set extends to Blockchain and Unity Development. His personal projects like Age of Kingdom and Critical Ops highlight his excellence in strategizing battles and multiplayer FPS games.

Colin Brown,

Lead Unity Developer

With 5 years of blockchain and 8 years of web app development under his belt, Kazuya Nomura is an innovative and diligent leader at The Great Library. Always striving for development excellence and team communication, Kazuya constantly raises the bar with his meticulous work ethos and high-quality solutions.
Lead Developer

Kazuya Nomura,

Lead Developer

Akira Humada, a native of Japan, is a seasoned blockchain engineer and web developer, providing The Great Library with his vast knowledge of web development and smart contracts. His extensive experience spans across various blockchain technologies like Flow, Algorand, Ethereum, CosWasm, Substrate, Polkadot, and Solana. Since 2017, Akira's focus has been solely on blockchain technology and its research.

Akira Humada,
Smart Contract Developer

A scientist and engineer by profession, Lawrence Stanley has long strived to reconcile his expertise in geology, astronomy, biology, and genetics with his religious background and personal experiences. This quest has led him to author a series of novels that both entertain and bridge the divide between science and faith, shedding light on the harmony and complementarity that exists between the two. Lawrence firmly believes in curbing hate and suspicion and seeks to be a catalyst for change through his writing.
Lawrence Stanley

Lawrence Stanley,

Scientist, Engineer, and Author

Erickson De Leon, a strong full-stack developer at The Great Library, is known for creating engaging and seamless experiences for clients. Equipped with over 5 years of experience and expertise in JavaScript/TypeScript, Web3/Ethers, Solidity, React.js, and more, Leon's versatility is evident from his work on diverse projects. In his leisure time, he indulges in gaming, photography, climbing, and camping.

Erickson De Leon,
Full-Stack Web Developer

Author of the Scarab Cycle, John R Raymond's affinity for Byzantine Agreement and cryptography led him to establish The Great Library, inspired by the need for revolution in the publishing industry. Apart from writing his own books, he is currently the Head Librarian and helps other authors refine their work. He is a staunch supporter of the arts and cherishes both cats and dogs.
John R Raymond

John R Raymond,

Author and Head Librarian

Our First Game Is D R A C U L A

By Bram Stoker, this classic of fear and darkness is an timeless classic. In game, fight the forces of evil and earn loot you can sell on the in-game auction house for Culture Coin. (Currently only deployed to testnet.)

Dracula Book Cover

Are you still uncertain? Check out our whitepaper:

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