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Published, new, or self-published, all manuscripts following the guidelines are welcome.

Submission Guildelines

The Great Library proudly announces that is is accepting manuscripts in all genre from Young Adult Fiction to Nonfiction, we are accepting authors at all levels of fame and glory. (Nothing illegal or in poor taste will be accepted.)

Submit your manuscript

Step one is to email your manuscript to This submits your manuscript for inclusion on the library. Typically we will get back to you within 36hrs.

While you wait...

You have emailed your manuscript, but there is still much you can do while you wait...


1. Create your metamask crypto wallet,

2. Register on our author portal(s):


   - for the live portal.

3. Prepare your manuscript:


Need help?

If you need help you can:


1. Email

2. Email the Head Librarian, John R Raymond

3. You can also ask a question in the Great Library Forum

4. Ask in Discord:

The community

Looking for like minded souls on the internet? Join our community on discord.

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